‘Pirra’ Girls’ Home, Lara, c. 1963, due to . DETAILS

‘Pirra’ Girls’ Home, Lara, c. 1963, due to . DETAILS

Pirra had been positioned in one of Victoria’s earliest mansions at Lara, near Geelong. The Fairbairn category of pastoralists owned it until 1907 if they offered it towards the continuing local government. It operated given that Lara Inebriates organization from 1907 until 1930. It was federal federal government sanitorium to treat those enduring alcoholism.

The Pirra Girls’ Home received its very very very first three girls in April 1961. By June 1962, it absolutely was nearly at capability, with 27 girls in residence.

Girls and women at Pirra went to community concentrated programs and several were later on put into foster care or came back to their loved ones. In 1962, the report that is annual the effective keeping of Pirra girls in personal domiciles as ‘really amazing … in view associated with the previous mode of living of those girls’.

Nevertheless, girls who have been unable to get back house or be put in foster care had been utilized in Youth Training Centres.

Pirra’s first superintendent ended up being skip C. Ross Morrison (later on Mrs H. Rudduck). In March 1965, skip L.M. Dodgshun (a previous matron at Bethany Babies’ house) took over as superintendent. دنباله این نوشته …